Family Matters at Karner Psychological Associates

Frank J. Doberman, Co-Founder of Karner Psychological Associates (KPA) in Build A Happy Family, gives us the tools and confidence to achieve as parents. Dr. Doberman first recognizes that parenting is one part skill and one part determination. Dr. Doberman’s book affirm the concept that we all can be effective and committed parents.

Dr. Doberman’s proactive approach to basic parenting acknowledges that effective parenting comes from developing basic skills that do not change – even if a child has special needs.

His approach becomes even more meaningful when he gives us parents both encouragement and skills to carve out our own needs and place in the family hierarchy. Parents can take care of themselves, too.

Build a Happy Family E-Book ……………………. $29.50
Product Description:
Learn how to be an effective parent without screaming & punishing! “How To Be The Parent You Want To Be When You Just Don’t Have The Time,” Frank J Doberman, Ph.D.

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