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Karner Psychological Associates is pleased to announce the opening of a new innovative program, Groups On Demand. This program will provide skill development groups to children, adolescents, families, and adults on the topics necessary for competency and success at home, in school, at work, and in the community.

There are eight sessions in each skill development module. Members and their families will be introduced to the group process, skills, and expectations.

Cost is $40 per group session. Some insurances will reimburse for group services.

Scheduled group therapy classes for children, teens, men and women at Karner Psychological Associates:

Women’s Group Therapy

Surviving Being Single
Please call office for dates and times: 518-456-5056 or send email to Cris at:

Marjorie Gang, LCSW-R
Guilderland Office: (518) 456-5056 Ext 473

Additional Women’s Groups Available at KPA:
Life Issues | Depression and Anxiety | Separation and Divorce | Surviving Being Single

Men’s Group Therapy

Anxiety and Depression
Please call office for dates and times: 518-456-5056 or send email to Cris at:

Karner Psychological Associates
W. Terrence Mooney, Ph.D.
Guilderland Office: (518) 456-5056 Ext. 204

Social, Depression & Anxiety Group: Every other Tuesday Evenings 6:15-7:15 pm
Collage Age Therapy Group: (Ages 18-24) Every other Tuesday Evenings 6:15-7:15 pm

Joe Germano
Joseph Germano, LCSW-R
Clifton Park Office: (518) 456-5056 Ext. 250

Additional Group Therapies Available at KPA

Fear of Flying | Food Addiction | Parenting Classes | Relationship Groups | Stop Smoking Groups Depression and Anxiety | Men’s and Women’s Issues | Anger Management (Ages 10-13)
Depression, Anxiety and Social Issues | Social, Depression & Anxiety (Ages 13-18)
College Age Therapy (Ages 18-24) | Depression and Anxiety (Ages 10-18)

Ready to register?

Complete this KPA Group Registration form and fax to 456-6512 or call 456-5056 Ext. 201 and ask for Joyce.