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Stress and anxiety are common complaints among our patients. Next to substance abuse, anxiety, anxiety attacks, anxiety disorders and generalized anxiety are the second most common mental health problem.

One recent estimate suggests 24 million Americans suffer from anxiety disorders. Nearly five percent of women and two percent of men have experienced panic, agoraphobia, or other phobias.

Introducing the Instant Stress Relief for Kids E-book. A book taught by a PhD., athlete and motivational coach in dealing with stress and anxiety.  This book is also available for teens (as a supplemental coaching journal to the kids version).

The parenting advice and stress relief solutions taught by Dr. Terry Mooney, KPA Director and founder of the KPA Stress & Anxiety Clinic, include a coaching book, worksheets for younger children and instant stress relief journal – all instantly downloadable.

Instant Stress Relief for Kids Instant Stress Relief for Kids E-Book …………….. $27.00
Product Description:
Parenting Advice and Coaching Book by The Pros for Parents and Professionals; Worksheets for Younger Children and Instant Stress Relief Journal. All included and instantly downloadable.

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