Physician Satisfaction Survey for Karner Psychological Associates

We recently mailed out a survey to physicians in our area who have routinely referred their patients to us for counseling. The results were impressive. 70% rated us as “excellent” and 30% “very good”. There were no “satisfactory” or “needs improvement”.

Here are some of the comments we received from the survey:

“KPA gets my patients in quickly and provides excellent therapy.”

“I very much enjoy working with the therapists at KPA.”

“You are the best!”

“I appreciate how fast my patients can get in to be seen.”

“Thank you for your help!”

“I can always get a referral at KPA!”

We work very hard to maintain good working relationships with the physicians
in our area and to coordinate with them to provide our joint patients with
the highest quality of care. – Shirley McMorris, Ph.D.

Patient Comments

“My therapist has been a blessing.”

“I feel cared for and validated; counseling has been a positive experience for me – thanks!”

“I’ve always felt positive about the support and services provided; thanks.”

“I thank God; help at last! Thanks.”

“I know when I talk to my counselor here, she tries to give me ideas to give me hope that I can get some control, if I work at it.”

“Our daughter was recently hospitalized at Four Winds, but I believe her success began with KPA in helping her to deal with what was going on and what happened to her. KPA has brought our daughter back to us and has brought our family closer. Thank you so much!”

“I like working with my doctor – he helps me manage my anxiety and to make better decisions in my life. It feels good to finally have hope.”