What’s New With Karner Psychological Associates?

Karner Psychological has spent the past several years developing and searching for products to help facilitate long term health and wellness for their patients.

Dr. Doberman in the news:

Dr Frank Doberman speaks on “conversion disorder” with NEWS 10

“Certainly, our kids, our adolescents, are leading very stressful lives,” says Dr. Frank Doberman.
“As a parent, I think we need to worry about stress in general in

PDF version of this “conversion disorder” story on NEWS 10

Dr Frank Doberman speaks on “major league difficult child” with KSL News

11-year-old pulled over after joy ride on New York interstate | ksl.com

Local psychologist Dr. Frank Doberman says the boy’s parents could be dealing with a “major

PDF version of this story on KSL.com

New Clinical Staff: Our Professional Staff consisting of Licensed Psychologists,  Social Workers and Mental Health Counselors are now 23 strong. We are proud to offer the community a wide range of talented, experienced specialists.

New Groups: Karner Psychological Associates’ group therapy program has been very popular and has expanded this past year. We provide the Capital Region with special groups for adults, teens, and children. Be sure to check our schedule frequently. These therapy groups can be a wonderful support and a great learning experience.

New! Life Coaching: In order to help even more people lead happier, healthier lives, we have clinicians providing life coaching services by phone and over the internet. These services can enhance your performance for personal and professional success. Our coaching programs are popular among individuals looking to get more out of life! Call us or check out our life coaching page for more details.

  • Psycho-Educational Group therapy, for Further Skill Development
  • Specialty Groups for Mental Health Education, Stress Relief, Wellness and Personal Health
  • Life Coaching: Maximize Your Potential in Your Personal and Professional Life – overcome challenges, model positive behavior and improve personal health and overall mental health and wellness
  • Kids Corner: FAQ’s from kids and teens – plus online games
  • Parenting Place: A place just for parents – learn best practices for mental health and wellness for you, your family, child, kid, teen
  • Mental Health Information, Links and Suggestions on Various Psychological Challenges

Karner Psychological Associates appreciates your feedback about our counseling services and our website as we are continually striving to serve the mental health needs of the greater Capital Region.

– by Frank Doberman, PhD

Dr. Frank Doberman is Co-Founder of Karner Psychological Associates (KPA) and is a leader in the fields of clinical psychology, is a Licensed Psychologist, Certified in School Psychology, Educational Administration and is a regular contributor to News 10 WTEN.

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