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Work for Karner Psychological!

The professional mental healthcare staff at Karner Psychological Associates is composed of Licensed Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Therapists, and Other Clinicians. KPA specializes in teen, adult, child, adolescent, family, couples, marriage and relationship issues. We are always interested in hiring persons with counseling experience. Licensed Psychologists who are experienced in testing and assessment (especially ADHD and learning disorders) are also needed.

We’re Hiring Clinicians NOW for a Limited Time.

Work for a large mental health practice. We offer competitive pay with flexible hours, minimal paperwork, and a healthy work environment that affords you a work-life balance. Come visit with us and see how you too can build a balanced lifestyle that respects your personal and family commitments and your professional obligations.

Must Have Either:

*Licensed Psychologist with a PhD. or PsyD.
*Licensed Clinical Social Worker
*Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Bi-lingual therapists are highly desirable.

We’re Hiring Office Staff!

Please send your resume and job application to:

Karner Psychological Associates

Attn:  Joseph Germano, LCSWR

Clinical Director 


Start On Your Journey Today

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