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How to Schedule a Virtual Telehealth Visit

To schedule your virtual therapy visit, please call our office.

Karner Psychological offers telehealth sessions that allow you to have therapy at home, in the office, or wherever you are comfortable. We offer telehealth visits are available for adults and for children ages 10 and up, and are available to new patients in addition to those who already see a Karner Psychological provider. You don’t always need to come in to our office to see a therapist. Your mental health provider will be able to assess your symptoms, make a diagnosis, and recommend treatment.

Call 518-456-5056 to speak with one of our Intake Coordinators.

Technological Requirements

Providers at Karner Psychological offers telephone (cell or home phone) and/or video services ( (which is HIPAA complaint). This can be used on a computer or mobile device. If you would like to use a computer instead of a mobile device, please make sure it has a working web camera, microphone, speakers, and high-speed internet connection.

Virtual Counseling Session
Intertwined Texture

How to Use Our Telehealth App –

To meet with your provider on, first you need to use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browser.  A webcam and microphone are also required.

Your mental healthcare provider should have given you their personalized room link. It should look like

Down Arrow

Type your provider’s room address into your web address bar(e.g.

Step 1
Step 2

Enter your name, click “Check-In”


You are now in your provider’s waiting room.  Wait for your provider to start the call

Telehealth Therapist Icon

Telehealth Sessions Available!

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