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What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching assumes that with the right support, information, and guidance, you will be able to gain the confidence and abilities to guide yourself in a goal-oriented direction. It is a partnership that is totally focused on your success and development. It is a powerful alliance that produces personal and professional results. Your life coach helps you move toward your vision, goals and desires, and creates a challenging relationship with you by providing honest feedback so you can accomplish more than you thought possible. Life coaching  provides you with tools, structure and support to reach your goals, personal and professional, in the quickest way possible. It also helps you identify habits that may be holding you back and encourages you to take action. A variety of assessment and change tools and techniques are tailored to your specific needs.

How is Life Coaching Different from Therapy & Counseling?

Therapy helps people overcome symptomatic disorders (depression and anxiety, substance abuse, etc.), and to recover from traumatic or difficult life situations, or to deal with serious relationship problems. Therapy focuses on moving people to a functional level where they can have and maintain a more normative life functioning. Life coaching is helping people who may be unfocused or need that little extra knowledge, support and motivation to get where they hope

to be.

Life Coach
Life Coach Dr. Terry Mooney

Meet Our Life Coach: Dr. Terry Mooney

Why choose a licensed psychologist to be your life coach?

Because Dr. Mooney understands the demands of life…

  • Dr. Mooney is empathetic, a careful listener, and is able to help clarify important issues that impact your ability to succeed.

  • Dr. Mooney understands human need and motivation along with common obstacles which block your growth.

  • Dr. Mooney is familiar with strategies for behavioral change, enabling you to make fast progress on your goals.

Meet Dr. Mooney personally by visiting his Life Coaching Website and take the first step in developing your life coach success!

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality of individualized and compassionate outpatient treatment to promote health & wellness and to help those who are struggling with mental health issues, so that they can improve their quality of life.

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