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What is Group Therapy? Is It Right for Me?

With all the difficulty and turbulence in life, it is far from strange to need therapy to figure out one's priorities and find solutions to mental problems.

In therapy, your relationship with your specialist is just as important as finding the right solutions. That's why some people prefer one-on-one sessions where they can pour out their hearts in privacy.

On the other hand, group therapies offer a different type of solution that appeals to a different category of people. In this article, we'll discuss group therapies and how to decide whether it's right for you.

What is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy with one or more experts coordinating a group of about five to fifteen patients.

The groups typically meet for a couple of hours weekly, with patients communally discussing specific problems.

Often, the groups involve patients with similar issues such as substance abuse, obesity, panic disorder, social anxiety, and depression.

Other groups focus on loss and transitions, such as deaths and suicide.

Some patients take individual therapy sessions in addition to group therapy, while others stick to one of either options.

Benefits of Group Therapy

Here are some benefits of group therapies:


A key benefit of group therapies is knowing that there are people going through what you are, and taking strength from others' experiences.

Also, by sharing feelings with other individuals, you can relieve negative feelings and stress.


This is a key benefit for people trying to overcome addictions. By sharing experiences with similar people, you can provide and receive positive feedback and advice to spur you into becoming better.

Different perspectives

Having group therapy affords you insight into various perspectives from people literally walking in your shoes.

You can then apply the right solutions to your own issues by examining their strategies.

Is Group Therapy Right for Me?

Now that you know all about group therapies and their benefits, it's time to decide whether it's right for you.

Group therapy is what you need if:

You want to know individuals going through similar problems

Meeting and discussing with people in similar situations helps you feel not alone.

Whatever the therapy group's topic, you'll receive professional support and understand how others deal with the same issues.

You want more motivation to improve

For various psychological problems, pressure isn't necessarily the best way to incite positive change.

Instead, motivation from the right people is of tremendous help. There are few better motivators for change than to see people in similar situations striving to be better against the odds.

You want a cheaper option to individual therapy

If you find one-on-one therapy sessions expensive, group therapies are an efficient alternative.

And, in case you were worrying, you should know that group therapies are as efficient and, in some cases, more helpful for many psychological problems than individual therapies. Schedule an appointment today to get started.


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